I founded the studio when I recognized the tremendous gap in foundational acting technique paired with business education for both students and parents. Without technique, a young actor will not make it far in the professional world or even at a local level. Without business education, parents often spend vast amounts of money aimlessly trying to figure out how to help their child achieve their dreams. Young actors then find themselves confused and even hurt by the rejection they face in the business. Thus, both kids and parents feel lost, even helpless.

I know- I’ve been there. Growing up in a small town in Mississippi with a population of about 15,000 people, I knew I wanted to be an actor since age 5, and even with the wonderful opportunities my parents were able to provide, they still felt “too little, too late” or like they weren’t “in the know”.  Don’t worry- this isn’t a sob story- I am now one of the 8 million people living in NYC working as an actor and as a coach.

I’ve striven to develop the best curriculum and technique by working coast to coast as both an actor and behind the scenes in talent agencies, talent and music management companies, casting offices for TV/Film, Commercials, and Broadway- all to build my ability to instill these experiences and life lessons into my students and their parents. This foundational technique provides young actors with the tools and training to bring their imagination, point of view, and full selves to every script while approaching the business with a grounded mindset.  

Our staff and teaching artists provide technique in acting (stage, TV/Film, Improv, and voiceover), voice & speech (dialect work and vocal longevity for acting and singing), and movement (freeing the body and breath with movement and yoga). Additionally, the studio provides a springboard program into the entertainment business by bringing guest artists who work onstage, onscreen, and behind the scenes in screenwriting, lighting, directing, casting, and more (See Guest Artist Page for more information).  

While the studio is proud of its reputation as a nurturing environment where aspiring and non aspiring actors feel courage to make bold choices while learning what it means to truthfully illuminate the human experience, the studio is most proud of its ability to simultaneously help students build the confidence necessary for not only onstage and onscreen, but the world stage of life.

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